Training Components

Each EAGLE training program is made up of the following four equally vital components, and delivered in this order:

1. Classroom instruction based on the EAGLE GHTM
2. Formal classroom testing
3. Hands on training
4. Documented operational demonstration of proficiency

EAGLE'S Training Program

EAGLE maintains a Ground Handling Training Manual (GHTM) which is used to train and test all EAGLE employees with standardized procedures. This manual is both comprehensive and current, updated  and redistributed regularly.

EAGLE'S Safety Program

  • Throughout the organization, Safety is unquestionably the Top Priority at EAGLE
  • Safety is visible everywhere at EAGLE
  • Safety audits, station based and by our traveling QA/QC Safety Team, ensure compliance to safety directives
  • EAGLE discusses, tracks, and reviews safety procedures repeatedly throughout the day while striving to achieve our goal of zero injuries of accidents
  • Employee incentive programs recognize safe operating bases, managers and employees

Stop Work Authority

  • All employees are properly trained and held accountable for their actions
  • In addition to safety awareness, EAGLE has a “Stop Work” program giving every employee the authority to stop an operation if he/she observes unsafe work practices. Each employee always carries a Stop Work Authority card.